We go together…

Just a short crazy post about watching Grease “live” on TV today (a recording of the Broadway musical that went out live on US TV and was shown on ITV2 this afternoon).

Something so silly, so simple and yet it made me think…

Look I know this is stupid, but when I was growing Audrey in my tummy (probably even before that), I had daydreams about my daughter and the things we’d do together. Shopping for clothes, tea and cupcakes in a nice cafe, PJ nights with a girly film… And for some stupid reason when little Audrey popped out with her extra chromosome, I felt (in those early days) that all that had been ripped away. This wasn’t the daughter who would care about fashion or want to do girly things with her mummy. This was an unknown child, I wasn’t sure what she’d be capable of or would want to do, I felt completely thrown and unable to daydream about our future.

Fast forward to February 2016. Audrey is 2 and a half, she wakes from her nap and we join in on his performance of Grease just after Greased Lightning. She has just woken from a nap so is snuggled on my lap, sucking her thumb. I sing along to some of the songs, she’s gazes up at me with her beautiful eyes. When she is a bit more awake, she sits next to me on the sofa and we boogie to ‘Born to Hand Jive’, she tries to copy the moves, she sings a little. I am in heaven. My little girl and I, doing just what I always imagined we’d do together. In fact it blew me away that we shared this moment when Audrey is only 2 and half.

She continues to amaze me.



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