Awesome Audrey Emily is my daughter, who has Down’s Syndrome, DS, Down Syndrome or T21; however you want to describe it. She was born July 2013 and this is just a blog about us and how things are going.

Likes: dogs, beards, vintage, music, food (especially American food), Brighton, films, karaoke, autumn, Christmas, shoes…

Dislikes: over-pinkification of girls, tackiness (see previous), cats (not all cats, but most), very hot weather, rudeness, wasps, bad grammar…

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Vicky
    I love awesome Audrey’s website and I will be frequently logging in to watch her progress.
    TC Lee X

  2. Hi Vicky, I came across your blog today and just loved reading all about Audrey and her loving family.

    It’s good to hear about her, what she’s like, her milestones and what she’s been upto, this I can relate too and its so nice to know that others, parents like you and me are not alone and children like ours can do so well and always make us smile no matter what life throws at them.

    Lots of love & all the best..
    Vicki , mother of Joni, the little girl in that episode of catastrophe..


    1. So lovely to hear from you! Thank you so much.

      Joni was fabulous on screen, will this lead to a glittering career in acting I wonder? Seeing her beautiful face at the end lifted the whole episode.
      Lots of love to you and your family X

  3. Hi Vicky!

    My name is Bhavna. I’m from India. I found your blog while searching for some hope for my Babu (My son Advait). I cant explain you how positive I felt after reading your post that I’m not the only one keeping hopes that my baby is well and will do great in future.

    Hearty Thanks for your blog. It will inspire me throughout my days for bringing up my child.

    I will keep on reading your posts. Keep posting..


    1. Hi Bhavna,
      Thank you so much for your lovely message, I’m very pleased you like the blog and that it has had a positive effect on you! I see you’ve also contacted me on Facebook, so I’ll message you there too.

  4. Hi Vicky,

    I’ve found you. Just wanted to say I’ve been thinking about you and Audrey all week after the Sally Phillips doc. I spent most of it crying then feeling so bloody lucky my brother is in my life. How fortunate we are and how enriched our lives are by being related to people as unique as Audrey and Leon(my brother). Anyway, hopefully see you next week at music group and what a beautiful thing your blog is..

    Zoe (Hedy’s Mum) xxx

    1. Amazing, thank you for finding us! I thought of you… I couldn’t get to music as Rex didn’t wake soon enough. I cried throughout the film. I do appreciate people felt she was biased, but wow it was important to start this debate about where screening ends… It’s chilling to think where this is going… Also frustrated by some of the negative press after the doc (Katie Hopkins on the DM, yuck!). But so grateful to Sally Phillips for making it. We are so lucky to have a rich and varied experience – where not everyone and everything is “perfect” (although much like beauty, it’s relative). Ooh I really could talk about that documentary for hours!! Hopefully see you next week, may need to talk at you over coffee too!! X

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