Goodbye 2015

And so we bid farewell to another year… A year in which Audrey learned to bum-shuffle, speak and stand (with assistance). I finally found a new job, got pregnant and we moved into a house (goodbye cold flat!). 

2016 promises much er, excitement? Is that how you describe the carnage of two children??

We celebrated NYE with friends, working to Thailand’s clock, so that we could say “Happy New Year!” with the kids and put them to bed at a reasonable time. So sensible, but perfect for parents who appreciate sleep. Ted cooked a delicious Thai curry, the kids had a boogie and it was very civilised. I’m afraid I was asleep by 10, but I don’t hanker after the old clubbing days… Let’s face it, NYE is often a let down anyway, but I’m just over it. Of course I like a drink and a dance, I’m just quite happy to be in this family zone at this point in my life (not too young, not too old – just!) and once the kids are older I will unleash my party animal side again I’m sure. I’m hopeful Audrey has my karaoke-fan genes (I’m pretty sure she does!!).

Anyway, Happy New Year to all – the drunk and disorderly, the early to bed Buck’s Fizzers, the clubbers, the snugglers… Cheers to 2016!


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