It’s Audrey’s 3rd Christmas! For her first, she still needed oxygen at night time, she was still breastfed and she had her first taste of food (puréed carrot) on New Year’s Eve.

Audrey’s second Christmas was a bit more fun for her, she met Father Christmas (and cried), she got to try some lovely treats (a chocolate Yule log that made her very excited!) and she was able to sit up and play with her toys (wrapping paper mostly).

And now we have a mobile little miss who can chat, in fact, she says “Missmass” – which means Merry Christmas/Father Christmas/Christmas. She loves to sing and sign Little Donkey with me and she is a big fan of mince pies too. We’ve even had two trips to see Santa with no tears.

It’s Christmas Eve and the little lady is asleep upstairs at Bibi’s house and she has no concept of the presents and fun that await her tomorrow… She does a great line in “Wow!” for present opening, which is going to be fun and I think she will be spoilt rotten.

Next year, we’ll have a little brother to throw into the mix (eek!) and I think Audrey will actually know a bit more about what’s coming, so excitement could reach fever pitch! I absolutely love Christmas, so I’m up for all the effort required to make Christmas magical for kids and I can even handle the frenzied build up; bring it on!

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you have a lovely time, however you choose to celebrate. All the best for 2016 – wish us luck – we’ve got a boy on the way!



One thought on “Christmas!!

  1. Merry Christmas beauties!!
    Don’t worry-boys rule!!
    Hope you’ve had a fun filled time and that Audrey was wowed by her prezzies-can’t wait to catch up.
    Love you guys xx

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