Audrey is using a new word, just in time for turning 2… She can say “no”!

I’m thinking this has come on as I’m having to say no to her more and more; since she can get in trouble now she’s mobile!

I still remember the health visitor coming when Audrey was around 1 and she asked me if Audrey understood the word no. I was a bit baffled, because I really didn’t need to tell Audrey no, I couldn’t really think of anytime I really needed to say no.

We are now in full swing with no. Audrey says “noooo”. She loves utilising a new word or sign and this one is really getting used!

I am saying no and naughty, as well as signing, when ever she does something she shouldn’t. At the moment that is;

Emptying photographs out of a box in the living room (we have to move this).

Shaking my make up bag frantically until everything flies out.

Pulling my hair.

Pulling baby wipes out of the packet and sucking on them.

Eating tissues.

Audrey thinks the little finger waggle (for naughty), is funny and she basically just copies me. I don’t think “no” is having much of an impact.

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