World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

A year ago this day would have passed by unnoticed… I was pregnant but didn’t know that Audrey was going to have that little something special.

In fact I still remember those early feelings of worry and embarrassment when we had Audrey… I dreaded people knowing I had a Down’s syndrome baby. And now I spend all my time showing her off! Building up an Instagram following… Clocking up those Facebook likes… Wanting people to see, not just how lovely she is, but how ok we are as a family… More than ok, we are happy! Our baby is wonderful.

So on world Down’s syndrome Awareness Day I am pleased to be part of such a great community and to be able to join in, showing the world that the extra chromosome hasn’t taken anything away from our family, hasn’t ruined anything and isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

I still have plenty of worries about Audrey’s future, but she gives us reason to feel positive everyday and we’ll just focus on positivity because as my mum once said describing my husband Ted… It’s good to have a “zest for life” and I can already see Audrey has inherited that zest!

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