Getting home

Audrey was in the baby unit for 3 weeks, as I type that now it sounds like no time at all, but back in July 2013 it felt like forever.

I was in hospital for 6 nights after the c-section, shuffling up from floor 12 to floor 14 to breastfeed Audrey. We then spent a week or so commuting in on the bus to our “part-time” baby. It was definitely not the start we imagined.

Audrey was allowed home with oxygen, so she had to wear a cannula and be plugged into a machine in our hallway or to a travel canister whilst out and about.


It felt like such a huge burden to have that tube on her face… Especially as the weeks passed and the sleep studies showed she still needed it. But again, I can look back now and feel relieved that we only had to deal with it for 6 months, such a short space of time in the scheme of things. There’s still a chance she will need it again in the future, but for now we are so happy to have her free of tubes and plasters!


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