It’s just a phase (we hope!)

So here we are. I’m a mother of 2, we’re a family of 4, Audrey is a big sister.
Such a big leap from being a tired woman with a bump and a non-toddling toddler – to being a tired woman with a newborn and non-toddling toddler! Thank goodness for paternity leave – my beloved husband has never been so needed!

So far, I feel like this time around is much harder than my experience with Audrey. I realise that it’s totally crazy sounding to say a c-section, unexpected Down’s Syndrome diagnosis and three weeks in a special care baby unit is easier than a vaginal birth and a healthy baby being at home within 48 hours. I guess it’s true what they say about childbirth fading from memory.

The main difference is that Audrey was a sleeper – I had to set alarms to feed her. Rex doesn’t have that problem. He is getting better (we’ve had a couple of 3 hour breaks between feeds – a miracle!), but unfortunately his keen feeding nature in the early days means I’m currently in cracked nipple hell! Again, something Audrey didn’t put me through…

But don’t get me wrong, Rex is delicious. I still appreciate his peach fuzz head and big baby blue eyes. He’s another perfect tiny human we made, but wow, his sister didn’t prepare us for a tricky baby! In fact, she tricked us into thinking babies were easy!

Audrey has been an absolute angel. She can say and sign Rex, she regularly says “Hi Rex!” And asks “You ok?” If he is crying (and to me too if I’m crying – like I said, I’m a hormonal wreck at the moment). She is so loving, gentle and sympathetic; she makes me cry just by being her, I’m bursting with pride and I miss her! I’m so often feeding and tending to Rex, Audrey time has diminished. But it’s a great chance for Daddy to get some Audrey time of course.

We are in the middle of a difficult stage – only 10 days in, it’s quite a shock to have a newborn in the mix. Will keep you posted, but I know things get better and I have to keep reminding myself “it’s just a phase…”


5 thoughts on “It’s just a phase (we hope!)

  1. Just stumbled across your lovely blog and can definitely relate. My little one is 10 weeks now but in amongst all of the joy I often find myself saying – this too shall pass!

    1. Thank you. It’s so hard when you are in the thick of it and can’t soothe a crying baby! But we are right at the beginning… Things can only get better!? x

      1. Definitely. My little one was difficult to soothe around the 2-3 weeks mark but then the crying just stopped and he has been a very happy little guy ever since. Fingers crossed for you

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