40 week’s pregnant disorganised person

It’s was my birthday yesterday at 40 weeks pregnant. Yep, birthday due date for a birth-day.

First time around Audrey got the star-prep: hypnobirthing, raspberry leaf tea, fit ball bouncing, massage; all the recommended stuff. And of course, I had no labour and a quick c-section.

Second timer gets: day 39+ 1 = first listen of hypnobirthing CD. 39+3 = reading breathing techniques. 39+6 = damn, no raspberry leaf tea in our local Sainsburys. 40 = waters break and we realise newborn clothes are in loft and need washing.

Basically I’ve slacked off because I have another child who is my entire focus (at least, that’s my excuse!).

On the plus side, I have packed a thorough hospital bag. So we (Ted) lug it across town, getting the bus so we can stop off and buy baby clothes on the way. I’m checked over and as I’m not in labour, we get sent home to wait and see what develops. Audrey is enjoying a mini break with her Bibi (Grandma), so after lunch we basically sleep. 

So here I am on week 40+1, contractions came and went in the night, so we are on our way in to be induced. The house is a mess, I’ve been last-minute cramming with my hypnobirthing book and I think maybe we’ll treat ourselves to a taxi ride to hospital today!

The little man will hopefully be with us today/tomorrow! Eek!

Here’s one I made earlier…


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