Love love love part 2

Just a list of things I love, that Audrey does.

The way she dances to police sirens, lorry reversing beeps and builders banging (basically whenever she mistakes those kind of sounds for music).

The way she obediently hands things to me when I ask her to (how long will that last??).

The way she pats you on the back with her hand when cuddling and says “Ahhh”.

The way she blows kisses with a dramatic flourish.

The way she does something she’s not supposed to (emptying a pack of baby wipes, playing with our shoes or electrical cables) and says “Noooo!” whilst doing it.

The way she sucks her toes.

When she shuffles over to my feet, looks up at me with her arms spread wide and says “Ahhhh” – her way of asking to be picked up.

The way she points in her mouth and says “teeth” to ask to have her teeth brushed.

They way she claps and says “Yeah!!!” With such enthusiasm at the end of a song at music class or after some good drumming at our drumming group.

Pretty much every word she tries to say – her speech and language is coming along so well and I’m so proud of how hard she tries with everything from “sneeze” to “fish”.

Her lion roar.

The fact that at just 2 years old, she already has a favourite book (A Bit Lost) and that I don’t mind reading it 3 times before bed.

Bless you gorgeous Audrey for making everything little thing so loveable!


5 thoughts on “Love love love part 2

    1. She’s not ready to join your jamming group yet! There’s a drumming group for kids with Down’s Syndrome that we go to, Audrey loves a drum roll!

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