Stuff and things 7

So I somehow manage to be busy, despite not having a job since November and mostly drinking coffee and entertaining Audrey.

Since she started bum shuffling, it’s been surprisingly ok. I mean, I thought a mobile child meant endless running around and use of the word ‘no’; exhausting basically. Yes, she likes to tackle the electrical wires and empty bags of stuff everywhere, but mostly the exploring is safe and it’s a lovely feeling watching her travel. 

In other news I now possibly have lots of people I know reading this, thanks to my husband’s share on Facebook. Hello.

Aforementioned husband is studying for an exam in June, which means less Daddy time at weekends (which is what us stay-at-home-mums live for), so I’ll be glad when that is out of the way.

My job hunt may finally have proved to be fruitful… More on that as it unfolds.

Audrey is coming on in leaps and bounds, her signing is bloody brilliant. She is a genius. We had speech and language therapy last week and I plan to start her swimming soon. Only bad news is that she has to have the thyroid function blood test again, booo. They didn’t take enough blood last time and it was so traumatic pinning her down for the event 😦

So, I had decided I would blog at least once a week, but have failed at that. Will keep working on it… Although sometimes I don’t have much to say, so don’t want to just ramble! Which is happening now… Over and out.


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