Stuff and Things 6

We have just (well it’s been a couple of weeks now) clawed our way out of a dark time of illness. Ugh.

Audrey and I had a flu bug, one that really hit her hard. It was difficult to imagine us getting back to ‘normal’! Lethargy, lack of appetite, coughing, snottiness… But worst of all: no smiles. For 2 weeks. But it felt like forever.

But here we are on the other side and wow, has she come out of the darkness and into the light. It’s been amazing, Audrey’s signing has really progressed and her bum shuffling has gone from accidental circling movement to definitely moving forward purpose. 

The signing means we feel like we’re having proper conversations with her and the movement, well that’s just terrifying! Our flat is far from baby proof.

I’m still on the job hunt but I don’t really mind as I get to spend more time with Audrey. Easter is approaching and we will have some family time and who knows… maybe Audrey will taste a little bit of chocolate if she’s lucky.

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