Stuff and things 4

A couple of weeks ago Audrey signed for the first time and the word she signed was…. DADDY! Of course it bloody was. We were naturally very excited and she is simply understanding language more and more, which is very promising. She shakes or nods her head and is a good (loud!) babbler, so I am also very hopeful that words will come soonish, we shall see…

We went to visit friends in London on Friday, so Audrey had her first trip up there, we used the sling rather than the buggy to make the tube easier to handle. She coped very well, especially considering the rammed train journey home and everything generally being very loud and crowded. We hit Borough Market and spent crazy money on crazy food… Fancy cheese, truffle honey and ridiculous donuts filled to the brim with custard. Our friends have twins arriving any day, so they needed the calories to keep their strength up!

Unfortunately Audrey has picked up a bug from nursery and has been on/off ill since Friday afternoon. Today was going to be one of my naughty days off, where I go to the cinema and relax whilst Audrey is at nursery… Unfortunately her raised temperature, lack of interest in food and incessant cough were impossible to ignore, so I am currently watching Nurse Jackie whilst she naps and then we’re off to the doctor at 11am.

Here she was yesterday lying on me, breathing through her mouth as her nose was so snotty…


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