Stuff and things 2

So we had a relatively quiet weekend. Ted and I are both hoarders, so we aimed to get junk out to charity shops and look at what we really “need”. Ted is also obsessed by bread baking at the moment, so a high level of bread was consumed.

On Friday I was excited to meet the latest baby with DS on the block at our monthly pre-school DS group (the one with the fab uncle who came to meet everyone at the T21 picnic). I’ve seen other mamas comment on this – that exciting feeling when someone joins your club, but you know they will be feeling very different about it… Really lovely to see gorgeous little Elena though and meet her mummy and daddy. She is a month old now and doing really well. We met again for coffee on Monday afternoon, Elena slept the whole time. Ahhh those days…

Monday dinner time Audrey gave me such a “lift” by doing the most simple yet amazing thing: she fed herself with a spoon!!! Aaaggghh! Not sure how to get the video on here… You can see it in our Instagram though (@vickywooandaudreyboo). I just love that something so small is a big step forward.

At nursery, the had a collage on the wall to celebrate the book ‘Guess How Much I Love You” and Audrey’s picture was there, showing her enjoying the book!


In other excitement, Audrey has her first modelling job today! More info to follow, hoping her career takes off so she can buy us a house!!


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