Love love love

I just wanted to write a post listing some things that Audrey does that I don’t want to forget… Perhaps I won’t forget, I’ll probably bore her with tales of her Hoover cuddles for years, but just in case…

I love…

Audrey’s eyes. The beautiful shape, the way they smile when she smiles, her eyelashes (that she inherited from me!).

The way she taps my should with her hand when I’m carrying her.

The way she reaches up with both arms to be picked up.

The way she dances… It’s a sight to behold! Rocking, head banging, hand wiggling… She is going to classes as soon as she can stand!

Kissing her forehead and soft hair.

When I ask her for a kiss and she cups my face with both her hands, so she can give me a full-on slobbery number.

Her sneezes. So tiny.

The way she picks up blueberries and eats them whilst maintaining eye contact with me the whole time.

The way she signs “finished” with a couple of turning fists.

Peekaboo with her own hands – it will never fail to make me proud that she figured out how to do that.

The way she claps, smiles and makes a positive “uhh” noise when she’s proud of herself (usually when we’ve praised her for drinking her water!).

The way her nose changes shape with a certain cheeky smile.

The way she giggles when she sees us putting on the sling/getting our coats on (because she knows she’s going out).

Her feet wriggling with excitement when food is coming.

The cuteness of her bottom lip before she cries.

Hoover cuddles! (Audrey is a little scared of the vacuum cleaner and clings to you like her life depends on it whilst it’s noisily on).

How she smiles and dances when I sing for her – even for the silliest made up songs.

The way she brushes her own hair, then holds the brush out to brush mine!

And many more… But that will do for now! X



Stuff and things

My husband and I say “stuff and things” as a reply that basically means “I can’t think of anything to say right now” or something like that. It’s difficult to explain our weird ways to others.

Anyway, I’ve decided to take “stuff and things” as a label for posts about our day to day life. Rather than all the comment on various DS/baby issues… Just a little catch up on what we’ve been up to (if anything!). So here goes, the first chapter of stuff and things…

This week I gave Audrey a cold sore 😦 it was always going to happen, I get at least 2 a year and Audrey and I kiss a lot).They don’t seem to be bothering her, but they are bothering me – mine has cleared up, she has one either side of her mouth in full swing, so we can’t kiss! Booo.

In happier news we went to Woodfest in our local park on Saturday. I held a tiny owl and Audrey watched. Then we headed to the Brighton Food Festival on Hove Lawns and Audrey went on her first fairground ride with Daddy!



Audrey wasn’t that fussed about the ride, but she liked seeing me on the sidelines.

Sunday we went to a DS picnic back at St Ann’s Well Gardens. I didn’t take any pictures, doh! But we met up with other local DS families and Audrey managed to nap even though a little 3 year old monkey called Thomas came over to investigate and squeezed her foot. She also slept through Elliot passing by whilst roaring like a dinosaur… Ahh the toddlers are quite an eye opener!

Fun to see other little uns with DS doing well and having fun with their siblings. There was even a guy and his wife who popped by – their niece was born last week and unexpectedly had DS. How amazing that he took the time to look into the local DS community, his sister having only given birth last week! What a fab uncle.

Last night Audrey had her sleep study to hopefully sign her off from the care of the hospital (and confirm she doesn’t need to go back on oxygen at night), no idea how it went as she is in her own room these days. The probe was off her foot in the morning though, wriggly little lady! Fingers crossed….


In the last week or so Audrey’s waving has reached epic proportions! Who knew that this kind of interaction would be so amazing? We are constantly waving at her like nutters and cheering when she waves back!

It’s the best 😊. I can’t seem to add a video of her performing, so here she is just looking lovely for a birthday message for my best friend…